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Solid website that offers podcasts for your ESL students. A podcast is an audio file that you download from the Internet.... see more

Drill and practice to improve the reading and grammar of an ESL Learner.

EXCELLENT site from The U. of Victoria in British Columbia.Level 200 has great vocabulary lessons and quizzes on such... see more

The lab is mainly designed for self-directed study, that is, you choose what topic and level you want to study and then... see more

Wonderful site for practice in Spanish. Use the different links and different leveled units.

'According to Stephen Hawking, Galileo probably bears more of the responsibility for the birth of modern science than... see more

Create your own activity sheets for the classroom. Make pattern blocks, number lines and grids, graph paper and more!... see more

For your ESL Learner, over 10,000 links on this website...Take your time!

Super and effective website that has students practicing math and other content-area subjects as well. You can create... see more

An effective set of drills designed to increase typing competency. Also available in pdf. format if you want to print... see more

This software helps to increase proficiency at typing. The cost is about 40 dollars.

A fun and interactive website designed to help participants of all ages increase their proficiency at typing.

Solid practice site for people needing to learn their math facts.

A number of ESL practice quizzes. These drills are alot like typing drills, where if you spell the word wrong, it keeps... see more

From Michael Krauss, a solid ESL practice site. Follow the links and find what works for you.

A very simple but friendly site with helpful links for ESL learners of all ages.

Perfect for teachers to help their students self practice in preparation for the CAHSEE Examination. There are other... see more

This website is top of the line! It has a large collection of interactive quizzes that are tied to the citizenship... see more

This is an effective and interactive site that has students working with matching exercises and virtual flashcards in... see more