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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are technologies which have the potential to transform the way we work,... see more

Peer J Computer Science is the new open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal covering all subject areas of computer... see more

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) is an outstanding, academic, Open Access publisher with... see more

Open access to conference proceedings of the Immersive Learning Research Network 2016 conference

This material presents latest research in the field of Immersive Learning.

语义化学习资源的设计与建设已经成为e-Learning领域研... see more

普适计算技术推动下的泛在学习已成为下一代 e-Learning 的重要发展方向袁泛在学习环境的构建是泛在 学习成功实施的基础和保障遥 传统的 e-Learning 资源仍然是当前大多数泛在学习原型系统的核心袁但忽视了适合泛在... see more

针对学习资源在吸收集体智慧、持续进化、生成性信息共享、分布式... see more

继积件、学习对象和学习活动技术之后 ,学习资源的建设与共享呈现出新的发展趋势。为了满足 未来泛在学习对学习资源生成与进化、智能与适应等多方面的需求 ,本文提出了适合泛在学习环境与非正式学 习的一种新型学习资源组织方式... see more

泛在学习中资源海量化和快速获取个性化资源之间的矛盾对资源个性... see more

开放环境下用户群体的复杂性和生产的自由化直接导致数字资源的爆... see more

微课已成为当前教育领域研究的一大热点,受到越来越多学者的关注... see more

互联网的“共同建设”很大程度地丰富了网络资源,但与此同时人们... see more

The continuous generation and evolution of digital learning resources is important for promoting open learning and... see more

Abstract:This paper presents a new model for organizing learning resources: Learning Cell. This model is open, evolving,... see more

The National Library of Medicine's "Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) is described as "an open source... see more

Avid readers of science-fiction writers, such as Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein, will enjoy reading Intel's IQ Digital... see more

It is an encryption method that uses substitution with bit stream encoding.  It is able encrypt and decrypt with low and... see more

It is a new symmetric ‘key’ exchange mechanism between two unknown parties which is robust and flexible. It uses... see more

Computer programs for automatic interpretation of physiological variables in critically ill surgical patients are quick... see more

This guide explains ontologies and how to create them. Much of the discussion deals with web-based information... see more

This Journal focuses on showcasing new technologies that can help to make a difference to teaching and learning... see more

Open Computer Science is an open access, peer-reviewed journal. The journal publishes research results in the following... see more

State of art about Mobile learning Object