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The overview of business research elements provides you with difinitions of essential key terms of research, types of... see more

This is a fast talking video showing in really fun pictures some of the most inaccurate historical events.

Originally created for the 2014 Coursera course titled, “Understanding Violence,” Professor Pamela Scully discusses the... see more

Definición de turismo, sus elementos y etapas junto a su relevancia en la sociedad y la economía.

Passes inicials per a fer un projecte

"Know Your Government" is a PowerPoint presentation that can be used with a flip classroom covering The Three Branches of... see more

במצגת הסברים ושאלות לדיון בנושאים: מהן זכויות האדם, מדוע אנו זקוקים להן ותפקידו של מי להגן ולשמור עליהן. ניתן להשתמש... see more

שיעור מוקלט ומוסרט מלווה במצגת בנושא זכויות האדם : זכויות חברתיות, זכויות פוליטיות, זכויות מיעוטים וזכויות קבוצה. מוגש על... see more

A great review of the original Thirteen English Colonies in the United States.  This stand alone resource allows students... see more

A public health seminar recorded on April 4, 2011, "Linking Social and Ecological Determinants to Public Health: Case... see more

Immigration Law Symposium at February 17-18, 2011 University of California, Irvine School of Law. Our labor markets rely... see more

Sustainability Seminar delivered on January 19, 2011 by Claremont McKenna Professor William Ascher, "Knowledge and... see more

This is an instructional resource that provides a basic overview of Westward Expansion in the United States, including... see more

"In Media Res is dedicated to experimenting with collaborative, multi-modal forms of online scholarship. Our goal is to... see more

Helps students to create complex research questions

Dr. Barbara Sarnecka, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, studies the... see more

"Segregation Through the Lens of Housing Unit Transition: What Roles do the Prior Residents, the Local... see more

"Health Disparities and the Healthy Cities Program", A Public Health Seminar delivered by Dr. America Bracho on May 24,... see more

International Studies Public Forum (ISPF) presents: "Asia's Rise and Global Governance" with Miles Kahler, UC San Diego,... see more is "a resource for faculty, teachers, students, and the general public interested in the phenomenon... see more

The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress.... see more

The IAATS is an interactive map that displays and tracks illegal alien activities, arrests, crimes, legislation, and U.S.... see more

A very interesting article on issues related to gender and sexuality in Japanese anime written by David Gauntlett,... see more

Collection of free lecture notes and other teaching materials contributed by Faculty and by students