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Reading tutorial/demonstration about how to find the topic sentence of a paragraph, where the main idea lives. This is a... see more

A video clip of actress Alfre Woodard reading Sojourner Truth's Ain't I a Woman?

This is the Schoolasitc site for _Esperanza Rising_. It contains background information, book talks, a summary, and even... see more

As the site says, "Google Lit Trips are free downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from famous... see more

Over 3 dozen instructional webs and forums on selected stories, plays, and poems stock this site, which is intended for... see more

"In Media Res is dedicated to experimenting with collaborative, multi-modal forms of online scholarship. Our goal is to... see more

Maps that aid students' critical and higher order thinking skills.

Using literary maps and photographs, this Library of Congress site documents the connections between America's geography... see more

Literary Elements Unit for Middle School

The Princeton Dante Project combines a traditional approach to the study of Dante's Comedy with new techniques of... see more

Annotations, essays, bibliography, and biography for A.S. Byatt's novel Possession.

Annotations, background material, biography, and bibliography for Michelle Cliff's novel No Telephone to Heaven

This portion of the The Classics Pages provides an introduction to the play, a commentary on it, discussion of women's... see more

A Stand-Alone PowerPoint presentation that is interactive for students. The presentation contains media and check-ins for... see more

Stand-Alone PowerPoint activity begins with a student, interactive, pretest and then concrete instruction. Students will... see more

This is a Literature lesson plan with the end product as initial motivator that incorporates the use of technology and... see more

An interview with Arthur Miller about characterization and genre. There is a detailed lesson plan including what is... see more

From Catullus to Horace, the tradition of Latin erotic poetry produced works of literature which are still read... see more

Philippine Literature, American Era, Sonnet to a Gardener, Moonlight on Manila Bay.

In the quantum world particles can be in two places at once, they disappear for no reason and reappear in unpredictable... see more