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An on-line Biochemistry textbook with embedded animations, pdb files and powerpoint presentations. Topics include: Sugars... see more

A point and click interface to a large group of tools for searching Protein and DNA databases, analysing sequences, and... see more

This site compares a DNA or protein sequence to all of the sequences in Genbank and produces a list of the best matches.

Armed with new knowledge and technologies, scientists hope not only to uncover the secrets behind our most devastating... see more

Flash videos of famous biologists lectures for Biology courses.

Database of 3-D macromolecular structure data determined by X-Ray crystallography or NMR.

Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching,... see more

Overview: This podcast contains an overview of some of the many molecular techniques a scientist can use to examine the... see more

To quote the author, "Water seems, at first sight, to be a very simple molecule, consisting of just two hydrogen atoms... see more

This OpenCourseWare project has the videotaped lectures for the Sprin'05 version (7.014) of MIT's introductory Biology... see more

This OpenCourseWare project has pdfs of the lecture notes for the Fall '04 version (7.03) of MIT's Genetics course. This... see more

A powerpoint presentation for teaching bioinformatics.

This video was recorded at Cancer Bioinformatics Workshop, Cambridge 2010. Substantial amounts of data are being... see more

This resource is a series of Powerpoint slides (and a list of further reading) on the cellular and molecular basis of... see more

This resource is a series of Powerpoint slides (and a list of further reading) on the rationale behind the design of... see more

An extensive set of lecture notes and pictures for microanatomy and endrocinlogy courses. Also includes online quizzes... see more

Self contained lesson, powerpoint show for students to learn the differences between bacterial, animal and plant cells.

The resource is a Powerpoint presentation that gives a detailed overview of how proteins are synthesised by the processes... see more

These slides provides an overview of some of the properties of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and its applications in... see more

This resource is a series of Powerpoint slides (and a list of further reading) on the organisation of the human immune... see more

This PDF introduces the study of representative compounds of macromolecular nature which are vital for the balance,... see more

This site provides good text of medical biochemistry. It includes illustrations throughout, includes ones about protein... see more

An introduction to the molecular tools of medicine by Dr. Michael W. King of the Indiana University School of Medicine.... see more

Access to maps of metabolic pathways.