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Online tutorials covering a wide range of physics topics, including modern physics and astronomy. Material is organized... see more

A collection of pages illustrating basic concepts in electicity and magnetism. Applets from various authors included as... see more

A complete online textbook, covering most of introductory physics.

This is the beginning of an online course to get to grips with 3D vectors for anyone who wants to learn. Most of the... see more

This site contains an extensive set of notes on basic topics in physics. There are extensive illustrations and animations... see more

Java applets to help understanding of some basic physics ideas. Applets deal with simple harmonic motion, wave motion,... see more

This online tutorial explains the theory of Brownian motion. Illustrations of this motion are provided by both a movie... see more

Although this is intended as an online physics course, this site also has a huge Table of Contents containing numeroous... see more

Online tutorial covering a large number of topics in basic electricity and magnetism.

Neural net is an artificial representation of the human brain that tries to simulate its learning process.  The term... see more

Includes a discussion on basic theory, benefits, and impact on society.

Discussion of how to calculate linear regression, including a demonstration applet. This site is in Spanish, but standard... see more

Extensive theoretical discussion (text only) of the propagation of a transverse wave.

A tutorial on basic electromagnetism from HyperPhysics, with extensive hyperlinks to relevant discussions.

Dipslays the scattering of alpha particles off of a nucleus. Lecture notes and source code available (at... see more

Watch alpha particles scatter from atomic nuclei. Lecture notes and source code available (at... see more

Positron Emission Tomography or P.E.T. is the study and visualization of human physiology by electronic detection of... see more

A complete online course in introductory physics, in PDF format.

A complete online course offered by the University of Oregon's Distance Education Program. Includes exams, homework,... see more

Complete online course offered by University of Oregon's Distance Education Program. Includes exams, homework, lecture... see more

An extensive list of physics demonstrations, with descriptions, aimed at those needing new ideas for demonstrating basic... see more

The circulation and conservation of earth's water is called the "hydrologic cycle". This site contains an extensive... see more

Discussion of triboelectricity, with animation. Includes a detailed triboelectric chart.