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We are one of the best reactor simulation software provider in india. Our mission is to serve clients worldwide with the... see more

Econland is a Macroeconomics simulation game and learning platform that helps students at all level learn about how an... see more

If you were a government official trying to raise revenue, who would you tax? Pick whether to tax cigarettes, luxury... see more

The US government debt is now bigger than the debt of any other government in human history. It is so big, that it is... see more

 I have decided to develop and provide a free marketing simulation game for lecturers and instructors. One of the... see more

For this task, you will be required to assume the role of the marketing manager for a hypothetical mid-sized retail bank.... see more

The purpose of this exercise is for students to consider the financial consequences of various strategic decisions. Their... see more

This is a free online calculator for investment decisions. This simulation helps to show possible results with: Initial... see more

Coffer Noir in an innovative way combines the elements of economic strategy and crime novel with noir atmosphere. Graphic... see more

A free online simulation that demonstrated the bull-whip effect, and the complexities of supply chain management,... see more

Seasoned and novice business reporters will enjoy learning about the existence of the website.... see more

In this online lemonade stand game, you decide how to price each cup of lemonade and how many pitchers to make. You play... see more

This online game is a money management simulator. You're a young professional, making purchasing choices and budgeting... see more

This example is an in-class market simulation conducted with paper cards assigning each student a buyer or seller role... see more

Teaching general equilibrium analysis to students is challenging. General equilibrium models are typically accessible to... see more

Ricardian Explorer, implemented on the internet, simulates a Ricardian trade model with linear production technology and... see more

This site contains 21 modular, easy to use economic models, that are appropriate for class assignments or in-class... see more

This is a simulation for a beginning econometrics course that shows students how heteroskedasticity biases an estimator... see more

Beginning econometrics students often have an uneven preparation in statistics. The simulation gives students a clearer... see more

A Netlogo implementation of Gode and Sunders (1993) ZI-Trading model. Students explore whether efficiency in the market... see more

The Fair model web site includes a freely available United States macroeconomic econometric model and a multicounty... see more

The Dynamic Integrated Climate Change (DICE) model assumes a single world producer must chose levels for three... see more

This example engages students in a simple simulation of specialization and division of labor. All that is needed are... see more

MarketSim helps students understand the functioning of markets by having them become consumers and producers in a... see more