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Visual explanation of the least squares procedure.

This applet demonstrates various properties of vector fields. You can select from a number of vector fields and see how... see more

This site contains an applet that allows the user to define a parametrized 2-dimensional curve and then create a three... see more

This module is a part of the Saint Louis University collection of Calculus applets. The site contains an applet that  is... see more

LiveGraphics3D is a non-commercial Java 1.1 applet that enables users to put almost any three-dimensional graphics... see more

This applet draws a vector field and generates integral curves at the click of a mouse.

Quoted from the site: This applet explores fitting a polynomial p(x) of degree n to a given set of data points. It... see more

This module provides a summary and motivation for the various properties of the gradient such as being the direction of... see more

A Complex Scientific Calculator with full support of Complex Functions of Complex Variables. Using the Memory Variables... see more

Here is a demonstration of the flow of a vector field. You may choose a vector field from the pull down menu. In the... see more

This interactive 3D function plotter uses JavaScript to create VRML representations of a given 2D function and displays... see more

This is material for a course taught at MIT by Prof. Daniel J. Kleitman. Primarily, the content consists of an online... see more