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Euclid, The Game is a web application built on the GeoGebra platform. Players begin the game with the capabilities... see more

Touch Pythagoras: The Pythagorean Theorem Interactive. You can change the lengths of the legs (dragging). You can change... see more

Compara las razones trigonométricas de un ángulo agudo en el triángulo rectángulo. De una manera didáctica, luego de... see more

Esta Cápsula de Ayudantía para Matemáticas Básica le servirá para mostrar el contenido y ejercicios a sus alumnos. El... see more

This applet is a 3D game to train spatial visualization. The user must rotate a 3D solid and identify three letters that... see more

This site is a collection of activities in Euclidean geometry that encourage the students to explore and practice ruler... see more

A free interactive math textbook on the web, initially covering high-school geometry. Many of the topics are accompanied... see more

GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for education in secondary schools that joins... see more

Curved Spaces is a flight simulator for multiconnected universes. Such toy universes are the 3D analog of the torus and... see more

A collection of downloadable software programs under the GNU freeware license that illustrate aspects of geometry and... see more

Use principles of trigonometry to calculate the correct angle of decent for an aircraft during an emergency landing on an... see more

This is a page of links to applets that can be used in courses below the level of calculus.  Most of these applets have... see more

This JAVA applet can be used to draw geometric objects using length, angles, and directions.  Students can test their... see more

An interactive tool to create and display geometrical 3D objects like points, vectors, lines, planes, circles, triangles... see more

NonEuclid is Java Software for interactively creating ruler and compass constructions in both the Poincaré Disk and the... see more

This site contains a java applet that finds medians and area bisectors of a triangle. There is also a related discussion... see more

This site contains an interactive applet that shows a step-by-step graphic proof of the Pythagoras' theorem.

This manipulative allows you to construct two triangles from various combinations of sides and angles, then manipulate... see more

This site allows the user to specify triangle side lengths, then draws the triangle and computes its angles.

This site allows the user to specify two triangle side lengths and the included angle, then draws the triangle and... see more

This applet shows the impact of a curved space, in this case a sphere, on the transport of vectors. Also shown is the... see more

A series of applets for teaching Fractal Geometry. Includes: L-Systems; Box-Counting Fractal Dimension; Cellular... see more

This site contains an extensive collection of java applets involving goemetry miscellany and puzzles. Written by... see more

A collection of 91 Euclidean geometry applets.