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habhub is the home of high altitude ballooning tools from UKHAS. habitat, the CouchDB-based tracking system, as well as... see more

This is a manuscript submitted by a group of students in an upper-level undergraduate physics course, Lasers (PHY430), at... see more

This manual provides simple demonstrations to show how lenses and mirrors are used to create telescopes. It was created... see more

In this activity, students will learn how technology can help scientists solve a problem. One of the challenges... see more

This website is a complete description of how to use XBee transducers to make wireless acceleration sensors. Other... see more

This resource provides an interactive activity demonstrating a wave packet in a box. The demonstration shows how the wave... see more

This resource is a set of simple and low-cost lab manuals on the topic of optics, developed for high school and... see more

This activity is designed to provide qualitative understanding of the Work-Energy Theorem. Students are expected to have... see more

Students learn the basic relationship of Snell's Law, practice applying it to a situation, then are given another... see more

This activity provides a complete curriculum for teaching the photoelectric effect using the PhET Photoelectric Effect... see more

This activity is a guided inquiry or demonstration where students investigate elastic potential energy and gravitational... see more

Nobel Laureate e-Museum's Educational section provides historical and scientific background information on inventions by... see more

This tool is useful for introducing students to the concept that light or electromagnetic waves pass through different... see more

A magical demonstration where a Pyrex tube vanishes in a beaker of mineral oil. Useful demonstration to introduce to... see more

This is a journal article and activity/demonstration about navigation in space. Learners will learn about gyroscopes by... see more

This library from the classic Annenberg Learner series contains 6 videos (15-20 minutes each) demonstrating how to... see more

This is a activity about how reaction wheels affect spacecraft orientation (attitude). Learners will observe Newton's... see more

This is a set of materials about spectroscopy, including a downloadable PowerPoint presentation and two demonstrations or... see more

This simple activity uses paper and scissors to convey two key concepts to learners: the nanoscale is very small and... see more

This student activity is designed to help upper division undergraduate students work with central forces in classical... see more

This series of questions before instruction, in-class peer instruction as students come to understanding, and... see more

This article describes an indoor, game-type demonstration, incorporating physics (EM wave modulation), math (binary... see more

This activity examines the characteristics of light. Students demonstrate that light travels straight and does not bend... see more

This activity gives a visual representation of how we are able to observe many colors in a sunrise or sunset.