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A very brief overview of 14 arrhythmias shown in lead II with a normal EKG for comparison. When you click on an... see more

In this simulation, the learner is introduced to a client with a medical diagnosis of schizophrenia admitted to the... see more

Cardiovascular Jeopardy game prepared for Primary Care Courses.

Demonstration and review of neurological examination of cranial nerves-includes video snipits. Requires QuickTime for... see more

This video provides information on the obesity epidemic. The fact that someone is obese can be very dependent on their... see more

This is a trauma simulation that I found on that can be very helpful in emergency medicine.  The site requires... see more

A 7 minute 50 second YouTube video demonstrating how to assess blood pressure, pulse,and respirations. The video was... see more

An online game and simulation of ECG dysrhythmias. The learner has the opportunity to identify, analyze and interpret... see more

This is a unique interactive site describing the basics of an x-ray fluroscope and CAT scan.

Second Life Nursing Simulation by kelleypc from Penn State.  The simulation is demonstrated and explained in a YourTube... see more

Sound is caused by changes of pressure in the air that is transformed into nerve impulses in the inner ear. Explore "The... see more

This is an activity to introduce students to the research process. It is not discipline specific. Faculty are given a... see more

Simulated video showing nursing students the actions to take and clinical expectations for a postpartum hemorrhage.

Using pictures like mnemonics to study for nursing classes. These easy picutures and quizes make learning nursing fun. A... see more

A simulation for students to experience continuity in order to provide excellent nursing care to veterans.

This is an interactive activity provided by BBC and developed by SkillWise. It is a simulation in which the player must... see more

This FREE ECG simulator will help you practice interpreting core rhythms, as well as exceptions such as AV Blocks. It... see more