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This is a virtual laboratory where you can do hands-on experiments at rigid pendula. Together with the material presented... see more

The Ohm Zone's Shockwave application that allows you to build your own DC circuits and measure the voltages and... see more

Applet simulates an optical bench, including lenses, mirrors, and aperatures.

A collection of tutorials and experiments (real and virtual) covering quantum physics from a conceptual point of view.

Provides pictures and a movie that uses ray tracing to explore the effects of relativity.

This simulation demonstrates the concept of centripetal force through a simplified carousel consisting of masses on the... see more

This tutorial explores the effect of raising the temperature of a blackbody radiator. The example is a black pot that can... see more

Two applets demonstrate conservation of momentum.

A tutorial that demonstrates simple image reflection of an object with a convex mirror. The visitor can adjust the... see more

Applet displays the interference effects caused by a single slit diffraction of light.

A collection of applets for demonstrating basic properties of electromagnetism.

The top of a spring pendulum (red circle) is moved to and fro - for example by hand; this motion is assumed as harmonic,... see more

This Java applet simulates a generator which is reduced to the most important parts for clarity. Instead of an armature... see more

An online activity center for exploring the effects of gravity.

Shockwave tutorials on basic principles of E&M, written at the middle school level.

A Shockwave simulation designed to illustrate the basic principles and operation of a mass spectrometer.

Rays of lights are reflected from the mirror, each ray satisfying the law of reflection.

A simulation of a car where the user can input the initial position, velocity, and acceleration. Simulation displays the... see more

Applet that demonstrates the use of an oscilloscope. User is given sample questions, for which the applet states whether... see more

Simulation of the brownian diffusion of particles deviation and a graph of the radial density

A very versatile periodic table that displays not only the properties of each element, but also how they compare to each... see more

This simulation shows the motion of a moon around a planet under the influence of gravity. In this simulation, you can... see more

This tutorial allows visitors to interactively block or pass light waves by controlling the alignment of polarizers with... see more

Applet demonstrates projectile motion both without and with air resistance.