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Illustrates electric field surrounding a positive and negative particle.

This web page contains a series of animations and simulations related to Electrostatics. Topics include the fields and... see more

A complete set of simulations for the second semester of a college level physics class.

Set of java applets for illustrating classical physics (highschool level), including gravitation, electric and magnetic... see more

This applet demonstrates the mapping of electric field lines with either a one or two charge system. Equal potential... see more

This Physlet shows the time development of electric fields from an accelerating charge. Four different motion modes are... see more

Java applet demonstrates the electric field and equipotential lines between two charges. Extensive explanatory text... see more

An applet that provides visual representations of the electric field and potential field of a charge distribution defined... see more

Applet and tutorial on Coulomb's Law. Includes discussion of the electroscope.

User can fix point charges of varying charge and be queried on the strength of the electrical field and potential at... see more

Tutorial on basic electrostatics, covering the electric field and the electric potential.

Tutorial and applet covering the application of Gauss' Law to a linear charge density.

Tutorial and applet that illustrates how charge distributes on a conductor due to the presence of another nearby charge.

Tutorial and applet illustrating the physics principles of the electric dipole.

Applet and tutorial on the basic electromagnetic principles of the Franklin engine.

This applet shows the field of a moving charge, and how it is concentrated directions perpendicular to the motion. It... see more

Tutorial and applet that illustrates how electromagnetism can be used to separate seeds from foreign objects.

The following information will help guide you in the optimal use of this electric charge field simulator. To place a... see more