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This Calculator determines the value of a resistance by clicking the appropriate color bands. The program is designed for... see more

interactive propositional logic; show syntax tree, alpha graph, Fregean notation of propositions; display truth tables,... see more

The Pentium Pro Microprocessor Bus-Signal Animation applet animates the hardware signal timing used in various bus... see more

This applet computes the EGL and HGL for a simple linear pipe system

This is a classic example of interference effects in light waves. Two light rays pass through two slits, separated by a... see more

This applet allows you to operate a church bell tower and ring the bells using various traditional methods from the... see more

java applet code for image-warping program

Of the many operations that a molecular biologist performs by the help of the computer, many of them do not need highly... see more

The Brain Opera contains a series of Java sound applets developed under the direction of Professor Tod Machover of the... see more

This program is a simple generator of Mondrian paintings. The code uses mutual recursion to draw the picture. Source is... see more

This is a quite complicated applet/servlet combination to interactively animate almost any Java application or algorithm.... see more

Add a chart to your web page, we have the Termometer chart shown on the right, or the bar, stacked bar, line and XY... see more

We present here an interactive demonstration of the performance of our model for bottom-up, task-independent selective... see more

Displays various molecules in 3-D.

A paint program with many tools, that can save images made by visitors in a virtual gallery on the server.

C_Charts is an interactive Java Applet for displaying time related information in the form of Gantt Charts. Data is in... see more

DemoGNG, a Java applet, implements several methods related to competitive learning. It is possible to experiment with the... see more

Edit allows you to create, edit and save ascii text files.

Flowfazer, the *coolest* animation ever written for the Mac, now appears in a smaller but platform-independent form, as... see more

The classic game of Mastermind

This applet enables you to quickly locate cities and towns in the state of Massachusetts. Moving the mouse over the state... see more