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This lesson received an honorable mention in the 2013 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'Cells are the building blocks or... see more

This is an excellent site providing a online lab tutorials in plant genetics and bioinformatics. Labs included on this... see more

The "DNA Subway" is a project of the iplantcollaborative in connection with the Dolan DNA Learning Center. The "DNA... see more

CELLpics provides interpreted research level images about selected topics in cell biology. Single images and charts are... see more

This site has four videos demonstrating how to use some basic bioinformatic tools: Entrez, Cn3D and Blast. Videos are... see more

A simple tutorial on DNA structure and function, transcription and translation.

From the University of Utah. Learn about genetics, cloning, and stem cell research. This site provides virtual labs and... see more

A flash-based tutorial about embryonic and adult stem cells and their uses.

MolnQuiry is an educational site presenting the structural properties of biological molecules in an interactive,... see more

A molecular structure tutorial that uses Jmol to visualize biomolecules in 3D. Includes units on carbohydrates, lipids,... see more

Neurogenesis uses text, pictures, animations, lab instructions and simulations to explain what neurogenesis is and how it... see more

Six flash animations that show the data collection, graphing and calculations commonly done in an enzyme kinetic assay... see more

Text and quicktime tutorials on how to do and use dilutions, including calculations, serial dilutions, how to make... see more

In this activity, users will learn, through building the molecular structure of the cell membrane, the makeup and basis... see more

This site includes text and illustrations to show the recording of electrical charge inside and outside a neuron during... see more

This site is an excellent tutorial on the parts and use of the compound light microscope. The pages include types of... see more

This site provides concise description of how electron microscopes work. It has specific sections on the transmission and... see more

A comprehensive web site on types of blood cells (erythrocyte, lymphocyte, platelet, neutriphil, eosenophil, macrophage,... see more

Eureka!Science is a site aimed at high school and middle school students. This particular portion addresses cells,... see more

This set of pages is a portion of the Gondar Design Science series. It is one of the most successful UK teacher's web... see more

This interactive learning resource provides an overview of cell, cell division, mitosis, meiosis, chromosomes and cancer... see more

A series of text, images, animations, and movies offer an overview of cell division and the cell cycle. It compares... see more

This site contains a series of tutorials on aspects of cell biology. The topics cover why cell biology is important, cell... see more

Cell Biology Topics is a collection ofimages and text selected from a variety of sources to provide information on a... see more