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This site has tutorials covering structure and bonding, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry,... see more

This web site has tutorials covering crystalline solids, metallic solids, conduction properties, ionic solids, and... see more

This web site has a short tutorial on the different types of closest packing of atoms in metals.

The Website provides tools for calculating continuous symmetry measures online for any molecule given in pdb format, and... see more

A free web-based learning aid part of JCE's WebWare Open Review Collection. This tutorial provides the student with... see more

This site offers a tutorial on symmetry including different chime molecules that display different symmetry operations.... see more

This Chime-based tutorial introduces point-group symmetry elements and operations. The material is appropriate for any... see more

A tutorial discussing the structures and functions of copper proteins

Molarity is the concentration of a solute in a solution, and learning how to calculate it is a key chemistry concept.... see more

A mole represents 6.022x10^23 atoms. An element's atomic mass is the mass of a single atom of that element. This Formula... see more

Building your molecule from up to four elements from the Periodic Table, this Formula Solver shows you how to calculate... see more

This web site consists of a slide-show covering the chemistry of coordination compounds. The slide-show consists of 96... see more

Tutorials on molecular modelling and crystallography are offered. User is shown how to build and examine cubic and... see more

Exercise comparing solving for lattice energy using the Kapustinskii equation and using thermodynamic data.