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This web site is a very detailed, multi-paged instruction on aromaticity and aromatic compounds.

This site has tutorials covering structure and bonding, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry,... see more

A quick lesson on structural formulas, line structures--how to show double bonds, triple bonds and heteroatoms, condensed... see more

This multimedia tutorial uses narration, animation, and video to teach about distillation. It discusses the meaning of... see more

This site has a set of rules and guidelines to IUPAC naming of organic compounds.

This site offers tutorials and practice problems covering general and organic chemistry. Also, there are many reference... see more

This web site contains a list of organic reaction types that you can click on to see examples of such reactions, however... see more

This tutorial allows students to easily determine the configuration of any stereocenter.

This material is a tutorial for drawing constitutional isomers.  It's novelty lies in the ability of a student to listen... see more

This web page offers a tutorial on aromatic compounds and their properties.

A comprehensive online guide to help you solve your own problems in organic chemistry.

This is an interactive tutorial presenting proton NMR for students in a university level introductory organic chemistry... see more

This site is kind of hard on the eyes, but contains lots of tutorials covering all types of chemistry. Also, members can... see more

The site provides a solid grounding for the IR component of introductory organic chemistry courses at the university... see more

This is a lecture capture, using pencast technology, of an introductory level organic chemistry class (ie. nursing... see more

Molarity is the concentration of a solute in a solution, and learning how to calculate it is a key chemistry concept.... see more

A mole represents 6.022x10^23 atoms. An element's atomic mass is the mass of a single atom of that element. This Formula... see more

This site has tutorials on molecular shapes and isomerism, chirality and isomerism, protein structure, and nucleic acids.

Building your molecule from up to four elements from the Periodic Table, this Formula Solver shows you how to calculate... see more

There is a link to several flow charts showing how to convert from one functional group to others, however it is kind of... see more

'BACON’ is an online tutorial designed to help students see the connections between organic chemistry and topics in... see more