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The Authentic Assessment Toolbox site is a tutorial for learning all about authentic assessment. It is presented with... see more

A free,online ten-module tutorial that offers information, instructional techniques, and practice labs on how to make the... see more

An excellent survey of osteoporosis suitable for a wide audience including practicing physicians

This module was selected as the 2005 Classics Award Winner by the MERLOT Teacher Education Editorial Board for its... see more

An interactive Flash movie on designed to help students learn all about the structures of the brain visible from a... see more

This site has been created to show students how cells work. It reviews the functions of the cell organelles. This web... see more

Checklist for benchmarks of quality in online courses, cross-referenced to the Principles of Online Design.

This flash animation tutorial is focuses on the professional responsibilities associated with the drug or alcohol... see more

A collection of free, easy-to-follow illustrated tutorials for commonly used software products. Originally developed as... see more

The stated purpose of this  interactive tutorial is to provide a "comprehensive overview of pressure ulcer... see more

This learning resource is an interactive tutorial. The stated learning objectives are: Discuss cultural competence and... see more

This site provides a collection of NSF teacher education projects that aim to increase the quality and quantity of math... see more

THis website is part of a larger "Volcano World" website that provides a wide range of... see more

CLIP, Cooperative Library Instruction Project, contains 30 Flash-based library instruction modules on various topics (as... see more

This learning object will teach strategies for creating readable education documents. The user will learn design... see more

This interactive learning resource provides an overview of cell, cell division, mitosis, meiosis, chromosomes and cancer... see more

Interactive tutorial which will prepare the user to effectively research library resources and the Internet.

Visual and Verbal descriptions of the Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the human eye.

CLUE (Campus Library User Education) is a Web-based, multimedia tutorial developed by the campus Library & Information... see more

The module will help you to develop an understanding of the various consequences of alcohol abuse and of the research... see more

This learning resource is chapter 5 on fetal alcohol syndrome for an open textbook developed for OER Africa about birth... see more

This learning resource is chapter 1 on an introduction to birth defects for an open textbook developed for OER Africa... see more

This learning resource is chapter 6 on neural tube defectgs for an open textbook developed for OER Africa about birth... see more