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My professional ePortfolio created on Google Sites. I am a Health Science graduate student studying developmental... see more

In this eLearning project, we examined the effects of (1) materials and activities converted and created by the... see more

This open textbook was created by Meredith Williams, Ph.D. and a group of graduate students in the course SOC 590:... see more

This is a discription of what was learned from teaching a lower division general education Psychology of Critical... see more

Description of SOC 120 Online Course Redesign Project.  

Neuroscience course syllabus for Basic Medical Sciences - It is a structured syllabus for third semester (First Year)... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a research course for undergraduate students by April LaGue, Ph.D. at California... see more

An author's Snapshot for Arrow's Paradox and the Fractional Voting System for the material found in MERLOT at... see more

This textbook is being utilized in a wellness and sustainability course for graduate students by Cesar Abarca, Ph.D., at... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a political science course for undergraduate political science and public... see more

Transforming Face-to-face GE Courses into Hybrid and Online.   CLS 1500 Cultural Diversity, Chicanas/os, and... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a political science course for undergraduate students by Jerry D. Breckon,... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a Global Studies and Maritime Affairs course for undergraduate students by... see more

These open resources are being utilized in a Wildlife Crime course for undergraduate students by Nerea Marteache, Ph.D.... see more

This is a Semiotics Analysis of the the two NFL Franchises, The Oaklan Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers. In this... see more

Humanizing Large Introductory Anthropology Courses using Top Hat

This e-portfolio represents a course redesign project completed as part of the CSU Course Redesign With Technology... see more

What is Crime Justice and what the system is

Food Production and Sustainability (FACS 110) is a required upper division course for Nutrition and Food Majors in the... see more

CSU, Chico Course Redesign ePortfolio for POLS 421: Methods of Political Inquiry (Spring 2014)

This web site presents the results of a course redesign of an introductory social science statistics course, using a... see more

This project is an e-learning redesign of History 270 (U.S. History to 1865), offered to general education students at... see more

Teaching Culture in Development in Online, Hybrid & Face-to-Face Formats

Global Awareness (GEOG 300) is designed to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of the world at large. In this... see more