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This JavaScript solves up to ten by ten systems of linear equations. It also allows the user to find the inverse of a... see more

It is a JavaScript that computes the best time to replace equipment, and provides the average cost during its usage.

It is a JavaScript that provides the optimal ordering quantity for seasonal items.

Great site that has a lot of online assessments and surveys, such as a risk survey, innovation survey, etc

A collection of classified JavaScript learning objects to enhance learning statistical concepts.

It is a JavaScript that provides the necessary tools for the ABC inventory classification method.

It is a JavaScript that computes the seasonal index for a given time series. Availability of the seasonal index makes... see more

Polynomial regression models are often used in economics such as utility function, forecasting, cost and befit analysis,... see more

Quadratic regression models are often constructed based on certain conditions that must be verified for the model to fit... see more

This lists over 130 marketing articles available on an the Wikipedia open source encyclopedia. The authors are trying to... see more

This website provides a huge collection of advertising slogans, jingles and catchphrases from the past 100 years. This... see more

This is a companion site to a book called "Drilling Down: Turning Customer Data Into Profits with a Spreadsheet." The... see more

A plethora of computer tutorials for: HTML Tutorials Learn HTML Learn XHTML Learn CSS XML Tutorials Learn XML Learn XSL... see more

This site is designed to support a book by Thomas Friedman, "The Lexus and the Olive Tree." In the author's words, "this... see more

A collection of articles on Business Process Reengineering

This demonstration module provides an overview of the key concepts and goals of information security and how information... see more

A large collection of cases of successful and unsuccessful implementation of IT solutions. The site itself give abstracts... see more

It is a JavaScript useful for testing the randomness of fluctuations in a time series.

This site has links to a number of articles in the following topics: General Change Management, Communication, Leadership... see more

In decision-making under pure uncertainty, the decision-maker has no knowledge regarding any of the states of nature... see more

A JavaScript-based process that determines the decision maker's utility function.

This JavaScript tests time series for stationary in both mean and variance.

It is a JavaScript for computing some general statistics of a given time series.