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Eldis' goal is to share the best in development policy, practice and research. The Country Profiles and Regional Profiles... see more

This link is to an online journal entitled "Globalization," sponsored by th International Consortium for the Advancement... see more

This is a lecture by Professor Anthony Giddens produced by the BBC. Giddens talks about the role of tradition in... see more

The Business Journal of renowned strategy consulting firm McKinsey & Co. Search articles by function or industry. * A... see more

MikesBikes-Advanced is specifically suited to MBA and advanced level business strategy courses. It has also been used in... see more

This test will assess your general knowledge and skills in Geography. It is also a learning tool. After the test, you... see more

Another teleconference line recommended amongst Professional Coaches. You can host and facilitate... see more

Grooming successor candidates for top leadership roles is arguably the most critical long-term priority of any company.... see more

This is a quiz to determine the names and locations of the 27 countries in the European Union.  This site shows the... see more

This is a brief case study about how Butlins, a party planning outfit in the U.K.  Butlines is considering diversifying... see more

This site provides a description of employment trends by various countries, demographic groups, social conditions and... see more

This tutorial introduces Africa and discusses the geography of Africa, the history of European-African interactions, and... see more

This report by the World Resources Institute explores an approach to reconciling development and climate priorities,... see more

This is a report by the World Resources Initiative.  This volume, based on unique access to the household income and... see more

This website is a collection of cross cultural translation errors made by different companies around the globe.

"A Chartbook of International Labor Comparisons" is a reference and research material provided by the Department of... see more

This website is a comprehensive resource for individuals who wish to learn more about child labor, human trafficking,... see more

Cultural case studies featuring American and Brazilian executives who speak  openly about their experiences working with... see more

This website give educators the resources for two experiential exercises for students. One exercise deals with the impact... see more

They thought it would be a great idea if someone created a web directory for the best business information sources.  A... see more

This is a guide that contains 25 simple suggestions to aid Americans who are travelling in other countries.  It suggests... see more

The URL points to the site from which you can download and install the simulation demo on a Windows computer. The... see more

A series of online modules dealing with international trade issues. Many are interactional with self quizzes or cases.... see more

UNIDO is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction,... see more