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Students will learn about how different animals and plants are adapted to surviving in arid habitats. Students will... see more

Get crafty this Easter with our hands-on Endangered Animal Easter Egg activity. Using ARKive’s vast treasury of images... see more

Explore the life cycles of a variety of species groups, from plants and mammals to amphibians and reptiles, and... see more

This webpage examines Michelle Obama as a Transformational Leader.

This is a goal-directed instructional design lesson plan tailored for English Language Learners in grades 4 and 5.... see more

This is a goal directed instructional lesson aimed to introduce 2nd grade students creating audio and visual recording of... see more

This is a goal-directed instructional design lesson plan tailored for English Language Learners in grades 4 and 5.... see more

As more and more grade schools use e-Portfolio as a assessment tool instead of classic paper report card, students need... see more

This is a plan for a multi-day poetry lesson based on George Ella Lyon's poem "Where I'm From."  Students will be asked... see more

Lesson for 2nd grade students involving ordinal numbers. It contains Internet links to interactive resources and videos.

This lesson plan was designed for 1st graders who are just learning about solid geometry.

Explore the world’s newly discovered species and challenge students’ understanding of how scientists discover and... see more

Explore some of the world’s newly discovered species and introduce students to the concepts of classification, using... see more

Do you know what links a lion, an orca and a barn owl? Test your knowledge with ARKive’s Web of Wildlife and discover... see more

How Collaboration leadsto educational engagement in students

Communication and Intergenerational Classrooms

Millennial Generation: Better Educated, More Confident and Altruistic

Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan - Spanish 2B: Food Unit  -Integrates technology and Spanish level 2 classroom

This lesson suggests an option for posting student videos to a wiki as a way of increasing student motovation about... see more

Students will interview a family member to learn about their family heritage.  Once they know their heritage they will... see more

This leasson was created to help students accomplish two goals.  First, to access the class website, join, and interact... see more

This is a lesson overview of teaching elementary students the basics of using Microsoft Word to type word documents.  In... see more

The resources here are created by teachers and small independent educational publishers.  Includes reading, writing,... see more