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CDE Science Standards for 8th Grade (Earth in the Solar System 4D) discuss the fact that students must know that stars... see more

For any lesson that includes the solar system, this site is ANTICIPATORY SET material. Use this site as your one-stop... see more

CDE Standards for Grade 2 (EARTH SCIENCE 3C) stipulates that students should know that soil is made partly from weathered... see more

This is a great virtual story activity for the primary grades. It has useful information about how NASA gets the shuttle... see more

INSPIRE is a non-profit scientific, educational corporation whose objective is to bring the excitement of observing... see more

This is tied to the INSPIRE Program. It is the INSPIRE VLF radio receiver at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in... see more

CDE Science Standards for 8th Grade require that students know that the Sun is one of many stars in the Milky Way galaxy... see more

This site is being updated right now. This is the 2005 version (still alot of good stuff). Look for the updated version... see more

As an anticipatory set to any lesson (especially solar system for third graders) that has to do with Pluto and the Charon... see more

The site contains teacher information, images, resources, data and descriptions of the RXTE satellite. Excellent... see more

The CDE Science Standards for 3rd grade (EARTH SCIENCE 4C) covers the topic of telescopes and what they do/how they work.... see more

Please note that there are TWO sites. CDE Science Standards for 8th Grade (EARTH IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM 4E) state that... see more

Solid website for middle-school teachers. This is actually the Education page where teachers can order materials that tie... see more

This is a powerful site that lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite... see more

This site is informative and easy to use. It is a great place to learn about the solar system. I will be attaching many... see more

A wonderful website from our friends at UC Berkeley. This program fosters reading through science and technology.

One of the grade 6 science standards deals with the makeup of Earth's lithosphere. This interactive website does a great... see more

Super and effective website that has students practicing math and other content-area subjects as well. You can create... see more

Nice site regarding the diverse ecosystems that exist.

This is a wonderful website and project that is student based. Participants observe clouds and skies in their areas and... see more

This is actually a real estate value website. The reason that I am posting it as a learning object is because it can be... see more

An interactive activity that finds students learning about quakes via the "NEXT" button.

This website is full of news updates about real-time events occurring all over the world. Turn the glossary on and... see more

This is a simple article that ESL Learners can read. It is about Barbara Morgan, the recent teacher that traveled into... see more