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material sobre el teorema de tales

Este Curso pretende dar a conocer el tema de Funciones cuadráticas, a través del cual el alumno dębe:  Interpretar y... see more

The French Open Educational Resources (OER) Portal, containing 30,000+ high-quality OERs, 15,000+ videos, and French OER... see more

Es materiales de la ONU Que favorece al alumno en Ecuaciones cuadraticas.

En este objeto de aprendizaje el alumno podrá en un primer instante conocer los objetivos que se pretenden lograr, así... see more

This web page is designed to give background information on Mezirow's theory and activities that can be used to promote... see more

La Comunicación asertiva en Espacios Virtuales de Aprendizaje recibe Varios Nombres, de Etiqueta Roja, Protocolos de... see more

Comunicación asertiva En Esta sopa de letra Usted Nós Podemos deducir Que ubicar las Palabras que Hacen REFERENCIA Una... see more

Lea con detenimiento Cada termino Suministrado Y LUEGO Haga la Relación con la respectiva figura. Les recuerdo Que Cuenta... see more

This free 6 week massive open online course (MOOC) from UNSW Australia begins a new session every month. Enrol any time.... see more

This web page will provide you with an overview of different learning styles and how they impact instruction and online... see more

A selection of ipad apps for high school teachers (and some of these apps would work  in higher education!). Take a look... see more

Applying Learning Theories in Instructional DesignAmerican College of Education - DL5723 Andragogy Theory & ARCS Model

Webpage will give information about Jean Piaget, his theory, the ASSURE model, and how both apply to the 21st century. 

As Shakespeare enthusiasts, we’re constantly looking around for more creative ways to make Shakespeare both exciting and... see more

Free digital collection of fiction and non fiction for the classroom. 

Java programming tutorial for students and corporate application developers

C language tutorial for users

SQL tutorial - SQL conecepts and examples for software developers and students

Use Kodu Game Lab to learn how to program a tower defense style game that can run on both a PC and Xbox.

This course is the first lesson from the Teaching Kids Programming courseware library. It has been designed especially... see more

Interested in learning how to program your computer? Interested in Computer Science? Interested in the connections... see more