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This site creates an environment where anyone can explore the mythical hero structure described by Joseph Campbell and... see more

Offering an artistic exploration of language, this dynamic interface creates a web of relationsips that demonstrate... see more

Online, interactive writing assistance that is rhetorically based. Contains sample student papers, self-correcting... see more

For Passover, send the ten plagues to Pharaoh.

Create a picnic scene with this Java applet and learn some new Hebrew words.

We develop original, interactive Java games on Jewish themes using our in-house technologies for image packing,... see more

A game of skill and stategy to test your knowledge of the order of letters in the Hebrew alef-bet; build dictionary... see more

Free-form activity to create Purim mask and crown pictures while reinforcing Hebrew vocabulary.

A multi-stage game in which you get clues, solve a logic puzzle, and are rewarded for your efforts with humorous answers... see more

GRIFF includes interactive exercises in French grammar, vocabulary, reading and composition based on a corpus of literary... see more

""The Hanukkah House is a demonstration project integrating computers and Jewish learning in a play-like setting.""

Convert some text from Big5 to GB and vice versa (Chinese).

""...converts amongst some ofthe more common Romanization systems for Chinese.""