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From the Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique, this award-winning site has engaging interactive... see more

Activities to stimulate conversation in French for various size groups. Instructions for activities, discussion leaders... see more

Choose from a variety of topics: theatre, art, tourism, gastronomy, music, travel, news and more. All to help you learn... see more

Practical advice on communicating in the French language, with special consideration of automatic language translators... see more

From the BBC, French language lessons for elementary and middle school learners. Flash presentations with audio, songs... see more

This publisher’s web site contains quizzes in French that are suitable for students of advanced language proficiency... see more

Supersite for French links, resources, and pages.

L'objectif est de permettre à tous les acteurs du FOS (français sur objectifs spécifiques) qu'ils soient professeurs,... see more

Chansons françaises is a resource that accompanies the French program Français Interactif.  It contains authentic... see more

This site boasts flashcards and quizzes highlighting vocabulary and sentences (offered in both English and French) as... see more

This site boasts flashcards and quizzes highlighting vocabulary and sentences (offered in both English and Spanish) as... see more

'Ce', 'se' et 'ceux' sont des homonymes grammaticaux. Le son est similaire, alors les homonymes causent souvent la... see more

A French language online dictionary of professions. Users can read job profiles and match them to their talents and... see more

Des exercices gratuits autocorrectifs, élaborés à partir du Dictionnaire du français (publié par CLE International et Le... see more

To review French verbs and French grammar with 2 doawnloadable free sofware to work offline.

Dynamots is a French language program with beginning and intermediate exercises at the A1, A2 and B1 levels of... see more

A comprehensive website on the Prevert poem, including an mp3 recording and many pedagogical activities. Useful for... see more

Existing and make-your-own quizzes in French.

The goal for this plan is to teach students French vocabulary for fruit and vegetables while addressing the need to... see more

É est le site coopératif du Français Langue Étrangère. Il se construit grâce à vos contributions. Y participer... see more

"Elementary French II is a carefully sequenced and highly interactive presentation of French language and culture in a... see more

This companion guide for teachers and learners covers all levels of French language, and can be used in a classroom... see more

Verb conjugation exercises in various tenses and moods.