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Este Curso pretende dar a conocer el tema de Funciones cuadráticas, a través del cual el alumno dębe:  Interpretar y... see more

Objeto de aprendizaje dedicado al tema de función lineal, utilizando las representaciones semióticas.

This website discusses real-world uses of algebra in fields of interest to students such as music, fashion, and... see more

This site from Google provides lesson plans on three levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced, as well as a daily search... see more

The Hilbert Curve was studied by David Hilbert at the turn of the 20th century as an example 1-dimensional curve filling... see more

Creates printable identifying coins worksheets that are customized to your preferences. The worksheets are great for... see more

Demonstrates the integration of the absolute value of a linear  

Actividades relacionadas al lenguaje algebraico. Al termino de las actividades propuestas en este objeto de aprendizaje,... see more

Math games, lessons and practice for kids

There is a wide variety of exercises and games for individuals to embark upon.  The site recommends that the math is... see more

"MATH GRAPHING XL is a powerful & unique 1D graphing calculator to graph mathematical expressions of arbitrary... see more

'Math Ref is an award winning education app. Browse over 1,400 formulas, figures, and examples to help you with math,... see more

Math riddles and activities for all grades

The MILAGE Learning+ is an application for mobile devices that has been developed at the University of Algarve, enabling... see more

My intention was to showcase how literacy activities can be incorporated into core subjects, such as mathematics, in such... see more

Customizable and printable multiplication table flash cards. Customize the number ranges, colors, and format of the... see more

Sobre el tema de la OA de Sucesiones y Progresiones.

Sobre el tema de la OA de Sucesiones y Progresiones.

Es un OA sobre la materia de Geometría Analítica de nivel bachillerato, enfocánsdose en la unidad sobre los conceptos... see more

 This learning object is for children ages 4-8. A child is able to choose their favorite character from a pbs show and... see more


El siguiente contenido permitira tener un referente de las razones trigonometricas.

'Why limit yourself to one line display of cheap pocket calculators when your iPhone or iPad can do much more? Scalar... see more