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This activity explains the important features of a distribution: shape, center, spread, and unusual features. It also... see more

This activity provides practice for constructing confidence intervals and performing hypothesis tests. In addition, it... see more

This activity enables students to learn about confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for a population mean. It focuses... see more

This activity will allow students to learn the difference between observational studies and experiments, with emphasis on... see more

This activity will allow students to familiarize themselves with technology and its use in calculating marginal,... see more

The t-distribution activity is a student-based in-class activity to illustrate the conceptual reason for the... see more

This is an excellent website offering not only educational online games but also shared online activities, quizzes, tools... see more

Space Shuttle Launch is an interactive math game providing practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication and... see more

Introducing a Flashcard Software for your PC!  studyPerfect is a useful study aid that lets you quickly create many types... see more

"dansmath is math knowledgefor the masses, from a real math nut.each show has features, a textbookchapter, and challenge... see more

This site contains several JSP-Maple applications to Multivariable Calculus. The applications are interactive and work... see more

This applet allows the user to enter the steps, using the balancing stragey, to solve the given equation. The user can... see more

This interactive applet allows the user to to enter the required steps to solve 3 different types of linear equations

Free online Flash game teaches how to plot points on the coordinate plane.

A fun free Flash game to teach and practice graphing linear equations.

Use this site to search for math resources.

This is an activity that provides the student with the graph of a function and asks the student to use the mouse to... see more

This is an activity that provides the student with the graph of the derivative of a function and asks the student to use... see more

'The rigors and demands of our increasingly complex, technologically dependent society have made high student achievement... see more

Once you read through how gizmo works click to download a free trial for students to use during... see more

This interactive website is great to reinforce math skills at the K - 6 levels. Games, worksheets, and quizzes are... see more

This site shows step by step how to factor by the difference of two perfect squares. After each step the student is able... see more

Powerpoint game designed to test students ability at coordinate graphing.