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This lesson plan has power point to support it. The lesson requires students to complete a project comparing bacteria,... see more

Examines the path of the avian influenza and examines how it could impact world health.

This unique training addresses the institutional culture of five responder groups: law enforcement, EMS, fire, public... see more

This applet allows the user to select different forces and masses. The force, in the form of a walking M&M, imparts an... see more

The lesson is design to explain the basic functions of the human immune system, including specific and nonspecific immune... see more

While much has been published about integrating technology into liberal arts courses and the benefits of doing so, little... see more

Presents major nutritional problems that influence the health, survival and developmental capacity of populations in... see more

Twelve K-12 teachers who were enrolled in a graduate qualitative research course were introduced to collaborative... see more

This course introduces the fundamental Lean Six Sigma principles that underlay modern continuous improvement approaches... see more

This site provides an introduction to ctenophores, or "comb jellies". Site includes links to information on Cnidarians... see more

This presentation from ATEEC describes the ecological impact of six invasive plant species. A slide is provided with... see more

This is a lesson plan on invasive species and how they affect the environment.

This resource provides a lesson plan, a student assignment, and a power point presentation on invasive species with... see more

This resource from ATEEC provides a number of fact sheets on invasive species which may be printed out or used as... see more

This resource from ATEEC provides a number of fact sheets on invasive species which may be printed out or used as... see more

In this outdoor activity and game, learners explore how animals adapt for survival through coloration, markings and... see more

This activity is a self-created lab investigation where students gather data on acid and its affects on seed germination.

This activity is a field investigation in which students identify organisms and their energy sources. Students collect... see more

The purpose of this resource is to explore what pigments exist in leaves and their importance. Students will conduct an... see more

This Starting Point teaching module highlights a case study of Malama Keone'o'oi. Students will learn techniques for... see more

This Java applet shows the conjugate points obtained using a depth map and the appropriate transformations. You will... see more

This applet is an extension of the Java-based PD controller. It incorporates a dynamic simulation of a two-link arm, with... see more

An applet for displaying chemistry spectral information (NMR, MS, IR, UV) encoded in JCAMP-DX format, with hyperlink... see more