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This research work investigated the influence of biofield treatment on Enterobacter cloacae (ATCC 13047) against... see more

Enterobacter aerogenes (E. aerogenes) has been commonly described as a versatile opportunistic pathogen in hospital... see more

Biofield therapies have been reported to improve the quality of life as compared to other energy medicine. The aim of the... see more

Education page with resources for teachers and students. Teacher's Place has teacher professional development... see more

In this two-minute sound segment, a professor of physics and astronomy describes the communication ability of the blue... see more

The Cenozoic Era, which began 65 million years ago and continues to the present, is also known as the Age of the Mammals,... see more

Located just one block from the Washington Monument in the country's capital, the National Aquarium is the nation's... see more

In this lesson, learners measure the lengths of various insect body parts from scanning electron micrographs using... see more

In this lesson, learners examine X-ray images of the "hands" of different animals and then determine the function of each... see more

This site includes a wealth of information on the Sydney Aquarium in Australia. It also features a virtual tour of the... see more

This radio broadcast describes the epic migration of monarch butterflies, who travel from North America to winter in the... see more

The Birch Aquarium is the public exploration center for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University California... see more

Quia Corporation was founded in 1998 to improve education through Web-based technologies. This site contains a searchable... see more

This lesson plan is part of the lesson plan library for grades 6-8. It focuses on the seasonal... see more

In this lesson, students use a Web-based customized version of ImageJ to examine images of atmospheric ozone levels over... see more

Located in Sausalito, California, the Marine Mammal Center offers a variety of programs to introduce students 14 to 18... see more

On October 5, 1998, two loggerhead sea turtles were released off the coast of San Diego, California by scientists at... see more

Designed for life in the sea, some species of penguins spend as much as 75% of their lives in the cold Antarctic water,... see more

The biocomplexity institute at Indiana University is a collaborative effort among several academic departments. The... see more

This site offers an interactive simulation activity, which examines how natural selection works to bring about the... see more

This classroom activity introduces the biology of sea turtles, population status, and human impacts. Focuses on Kemp's... see more

This website features teachers' guides developed by Sea World featuring marine mammal educational materials for K-12. 14... see more

This resource from Sea World is an excellent introduction to Beluga whales including information on their classification,... see more

This resource from Sea World is an excellent introduction to bottlenose dolphins, including information on their... see more