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You can interact with the animation to learn about how evolution affects populations. The population breeds, mutates,... see more

This site includes two actitivities pertaining to evolution. The first animation, The Big Picture, provides information... see more

This site has 7 videos on evolution, each about 8 minutes long and with a mixture of animations and video. There are also... see more

This animation explores how prokaryotic organelles are similar to eukaryotic ones. It explores the similarity between... see more

This animation discusses why the X and Y sex chromosomes are so different and how they came to be as they are. 

This lecture entitled Selection in Action, describes the comparison between the artificial selection of dogs and corn and... see more

This site explains how bile is used in fat digestion. It allows students to understand why bile is important for our... see more

During the Fatty Acid Metabolism animation, students will learn and review the process of the metabolism of fatty acids... see more

Great simulation explaining how feedback inhibition of biochemical pathways work, good voice tutorial, online, easy to... see more

Great simulation explaining the events of fertilization in a sea urchin, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display... see more

A simple, step-by-step Flash animation of protein synthesis is provided by this site. The animation is especially useful... see more

36 videos on evolution. The videos are each about 15 minutes long and are done Khan Academy style, with drawings being... see more

This animation shows the purpose of telomerase, the regions of telomeric repeat sequences at the ends of chromosomes. 

Great simulation explaining the function of the neuromuscular junction, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display with... see more

The website describes the areas of the gastrointestinal system and includes a 3-D animation of digestion. It describes... see more

This site provides an animation of gel electrophoresis which is a powerul tool used to separate DNA fragments. The method... see more

This animation centers on how gel electrophoresis is executed to separate fragments of DNA. The animation will also... see more

Good simulation comparing the differences in how prokaryotes and eukaryotes undergo transcription and translation, good... see more

This is the second module in "DNA from the Beginning". DNA from the Beginning is an animated tutorial on DNA, genes and... see more

This animation explains how genetic drift allows allele frequencies to change over time because of chance. This phenomena... see more

Explore all the genes in a micro-organism! This applet lets you examine the genomes of Mycoplasma genitalium,... see more

Allows users to run a climate model to see how the climate probably will change in 100 years! Includes animations and... see more

Gluconeogenesis is the process by which glucose is synthesized from smaller, simpler molecules such as lactate and... see more

Glycolysis is a metabolic pathway of 10 reactions that converts sugar (glucose) into two three-carbon molecules called... see more