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This case study discusses the course of illness, treatment, and prevention strategies for patients who have suffered... see more

Assisted living is a unique clinical practice setting for nurses; partly because of the state regulatory structure,... see more

Part I of a series of Youtube videos that discusses the difference between medications used for CHF and MI.

Nurses are on the forefront of care, and therefore will participate fully in genetic-based and genomic-based practice... see more

The goal of this presentation is to discuss Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) prevention strategies... see more

This is a youtube channel, called Simple Nursing by Michael Linares. He has a ton of videos from ABGs, EKGs, endocrine... see more

Youtube video that helps become familiar with transfusion reactions.  As nurses, we are the first line of defense to... see more

Overview of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is the most comprehensive list of Open Data Portals (520+) in the world. It is curated by a group of... see more

The objective of the present study was to evaluate the impact of biofield energy treatment on the thermal, spectroscopic,... see more

Disulfiram is being used clinically as an aid in chronic alcoholism, while nicotinic acid is one of a B-complex vitamin... see more

p-Chlorobenzaldehyde (p-CBA) is used as an important chemical intermediate for the preparation of pharmaceuticals,... see more

Triphenyl phosphate (TPP) is a triester of phosphoric acid and phenol. It is commonly used as a fire-retarding agent and... see more

Salicylic acid is a naturally occurring derivative of benzoic acid, and widely used in organic synthesis and as a plant... see more

Food production needs to increase to satisfy the demand due to increasing human population worldwide. To minimize this... see more

Identify your pills, find the lowest price for your Rx, understand your medication treatment, lower your health... see more

The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) catalyses research in new areas of human biology and drug discovery by focusing... see more

Ce chapitre aborde le diagnostic et le traitement des fractures du fémur distal : les fractures unicondyliennes, dont les... see more

La fracture du talus est une lésion traumatique rare, à haute énergie et qui est souvent associée avec des complications... see more

Le syndrome des loges (compartment syndrome) est définit comme une augmentation de la pression intramusculaire (PIM)... see more

Ce chapitre envisage les traumatismes aigus des nerfs périphériques par lésions directes ou par traction.