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Studies have shown that embedding scientific argumentation in problem solving can enhance problem solving skills.... see more

Prior work has established the existence of a color-performance relationship in achievement contexts and has demonstrated... see more

This paper, presented at the 2002 Physics Education Research Conference, investigates how the order of two related FCI... see more

Hundreds of students are required to take introductory physics each year at our mid-size Canadian university. These... see more

This document outlines Eastern Michigan University's action plan to strengthen its physics program, developed at the June... see more

Our previous work has shown that experimentation with virtual manipulatives supports studentsÔøΩ conceptual learning... see more

This site explains the effects of rising sea levels due to global warming. According to the information found here,... see more

The Colorado Learning Assistant (LA) Program serves as a content-specific supplement to standard teacher preparation... see more

Self-diagnosis tasks aim at fostering diagnostic behavior by explicitly requiring students to present diagnosis as part... see more

Over the past eight years at McDaniel College, studentsÔøΩ Predictions for various Interactive Lecture Demonstrations... see more

In July 1991, the alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth produced a total solar eclipse with a particularly long duration... see more

This space and astronomy guide, from the University of Leicester, England, presents information on the Solar System, the... see more

This article describes how students in Alaska are helping scientists study earthquake hazards by conducting global... see more

Materials presented here describe how new data from surveys, satellite imagery, and buoys have led to a revised view of... see more

Attached are the presentations from the AAPT Summer 2013 Invited Session on Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences... see more

This preliminary study examines the impact of conceptual writing assignments on student understanding of two physics... see more

We examined the effects of simple training tasks on student responses to questions about the relationship between the... see more

We examine the effect of misconceptions about friction on students' ability to solve problems and transfer from one... see more

We performed a new kind of FCI study to get at the differences between what students believe and what they think... see more

Educators in the southeast United States will find links to resources for ocean science instruction on this website. The... see more

Information on the Chesapeake Bay, the critical issues for its management and restoration, recent dissolved oxygen and... see more

A program established in Europe that aims to raise student's awareness of environmental and sustainable development... see more

What resources would you need to pursue education/outreach activities? What incentives would increase the probability of... see more