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This site offers an expirement of what an ePortfolio will look like using a plethora of the tools available to us. Tables... see more

This is a free, online journal article from the International Journal of ePortfolio (vol. 2.1, 2012).  "ePortfolios have... see more

Pathbrite is a next generation portfolio tool enabling learners of all ages showcase a lifetime of achievement. Free to... see more

This site provides a very extensive listing of portfolio programs and samples at numerous educational establishments.

This 2004 article offers descriptions of developmental stages in adopting ePortfolios. The authors define the levels of... see more

This is a journal article from the International Journal of ePortfolio. "We live in a time of great enthusiasm for the... see more

Volume 57, Number 1, 2008. The Journal of General Education published a special issue on eportfolios, based on four... see more

"Prepping for prime time: Teachers and students can benefit from electronic portfolios" in the April 15, 2006 issue of... see more

As a part of integrating Internet-based technologies with student services, Regis began to research the growing trend of... see more

This site offers articles and websites concerning ePortfolio research and direction.

This web page is a Review of the Evernot Application. The audience are Students, Professors, and Educators interesting to... see more

This is an abstract for an article exploring the use of ePortfolios in a program educating preschool and primary school... see more

This is a free, online journal article from International Journal of ePortfolio (vol. 2.1, 2012).  "This case study of... see more

Your students have created ePortfolios that reflect their academic progress and offer samples of their work. But how can... see more

This is an article on Classroom uses of student Portfolios.

The final report, plus case studies (34 in total) from the 'Study on the role of e-portfolios in formative and summative... see more

This is an edited ePortfolio template designed to provide guidelines for sharing your course redesign strategies so other... see more

Artists have a long portfolio tradition. Some start to put together their portfolios before they have had any formal... see more

We are still working toward a common definition for electronic portfolios, or ePortfolios.1 Ideally, all work in an... see more

Trent Bateson's 2002 article discusses how the opportunities are aligned for using ePortfolios: Student work is often... see more

On April 10-12, 2008, LaGuardia Community College held an international conference entitled,“Making Connections:... see more

This manual describes the four phases of the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process, a methodology that successfully... see more