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The way that Best Essays Writing works is actually not very difficult to understand. When a student comes to us wanting... see more

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Short exercise to use at the beginning of each semester with a new class to help establish class norms. It is a... see more

This is a Goal-Oriented Instructional Design lesson plan created for middle school students.  This lesson plan will help... see more

A look into our current education system

Lesson focuses on how nanotechnology has impacted our society and how engineers have learned to explore the world at the... see more

Students will interview a family member to learn about their family heritage.  Once they know their heritage they will... see more

Lesson focuses on how failure is part of the engineering process. Students work in teams and learn about many inventions... see more

As more and more grade schools use e-Portfolio as a assessment tool instead of classic paper report card, students need... see more

This lesson introduces how to calculate an arithmetic series, specifically Fibonacci. In the first of two hour-long... see more

Lesson focuses on how filtration systems solve many problems throughout the world such as improving drinking water.... see more

Lesson focuses on exploring how the development of global positioning systems has revolutionized both defense and... see more

This lesson incorporates the five themes of geography, place, region, movement, location and interaction. It is meant for... see more

This lesson is on the five themes of geography, place, region, movement, location, and interaction between people.... see more

Lesson focuses on how materials behave differently as their surface area increases. Students learn about nanotechnology... see more

Lesson focuses on the concept of electron flow through the demonstration of electrical circuits in a flashlight, and how... see more

Lesson focuses on how the process of folding has impacts on engineering and is evident in nature. Students consider many... see more

A lesson plan for Upper-Novice French students.   Includes a review of adjective agreement while incorporating technology... see more

Lesson focuses on how engineers and ship designers have developed boats with a goal of breaking a water speed record.... see more

Being actively engaged allows teachers and students to collaborate together for learning to be successful. This website... see more

My educational philosohpy and how Gardner and Bloom work together in education

Demonstrate Ohm's Law using digital multi-meters. Fun hands-on activities are presented that demonstrate Ohm's Law.... see more

Lesson focuses on how writing instruments have been engineered over time. Students work in teams to design and build a... see more

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