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This page consists of a lists of activities relating to Newton's Laws. Created by David Willey at the University of... see more

This web program, funded in part by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.) is used to calculate photon... see more

NOAA's many educational activities are distributed across the agency. This site has been designed to help students,... see more

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) maintains this centralized resource on NOAA satellites, of... see more

Nobel e-Museum aims to provide easy access to information about scientific and literary achievements as well as peace... see more

This site, from the Earth Monitoring Station at the University of North Carolina, provides an examination of... see more

From PBS and the WGBH Educational Foundation, these free podcasts explore science, health, nature, and technology for the... see more

Objetos Educacionais em Física - Ciclo Básico is a collection of learning objects for undergraduate courses in Science... see more

Activities written by educators with input from scientists, researchers, students, and teachers are provided here to help... see more

Created by Tom Henderson of Physics, this item is a chapter in a beginning physics tutorial. The ray nature... see more

Authored by Nick Strobel, "Astronomy Notes" is an educational resource for introductory astronomy classes for... see more

This is a great online resource for optics and photonics education. The website contains educational resources including... see more

This web page provides a collection of high school physical science lesson plans designed using the Learning Cycle... see more

This site, authored by Edward F. Redish of the University of Marlyand, contains a collection of images of currency with... see more

This site is a great physics resource. It provides a great deal of information about various topics in physics. It also... see more

Provided by physicist Johan Wevers and written at the undergraduate to postgraduate level, the Physics Formulary provides... see more

This item is a high school-level assessment to gauge understanding of using diagrams to predict outcomes in systems set... see more

On this site, visitors can access thirty-five quizzes, each with five to ten questions, covering various aspects of... see more

This item is a section of an introductory physics textbook. It provides content support on electrostatics, electric field... see more

A series of online tutorial units with quizzes designed for students in the introductory college or university physics... see more

Physics: spotlighting exceptional research is a free service of the American Physical Society (APS). The site's content... see more

A collection of links to information maintained by physics departments around the world. Types of information include... see more

PhysOrg provides the latest news and information in the areas of science, physics, technology, nanotechnology, earth... see more

The purpose of PhysTEC is to serve the American Physical Society community as the focal point for the improvement of... see more