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Every student dreams to have their Study Resource with them, provides medical science degree,... see more

This study uses social network analysis to examine the patterns of student interactions in online peer mentoring sites... see more

Disodium hydrogen orthophosphate is a water soluble white powder widely used as pH regulator and saline laxative. The... see more

The article presents the findings of a recent longitudinal study that compares student perception of instruction scores... see more

This study analyzes student preference, satisfaction and perceived learning in an online college mathematics course for... see more

This study collected and benchmarked information from 31 European countries (EU27, HR, ICE, NO and TR) on the access,... see more

With the rapid increase of online courses and programs, effective methods for teaching behavioral-based skills online... see more

The integration of multimedia and computer-assisted learning in the teaching of functional anatomy has been reported to... see more

In this paper the challenges and benefits of utilizing technology as a tool in classroom management are examined from the... see more

Malingering is common these days with liberal workmen compensation act. Lots of concessions are given to physically... see more

Based on research findings derived from interviews and questionnaires collected between 2009 and 2012, this concept paper... see more

This meta-analysis summarizes the impact of digital technology use in UK schools relative to academic achievement.

The pace of change brought about by new technologies has had a significant effect on the way people live, work, and play... see more

In the context of the future of learning management systems, this paper examines the concept and perception of a learning... see more

Epistemological beliefs and self-regulated learning skills, as meta-cognitive constructs, have been suggested as being... see more

This study examines the association between course format (face-to-face, blended, and online) and students’ perceived... see more

An interesting look into the scientific enterprise.  Dr. Raman explores historical, personal, and philosophical aspects... see more

This paper reports on a two-step study of students’ perspectives with respect to the use of BlogTalkRadio (BTR) in online... see more

This article was published in Volume 2 issue 1 of online journal of otolaryngology JORL. This article is an audit of the... see more

The journal focuses on publishing novel genetic, epigenetic and molecular pathway information related to clinical cancer.... see more

This is a World Health Organization (WHO) May 2014 report.  The stated abstract is noted below. Millennium Development... see more

This quarterly, open access, peer-reviewed international e-journal covers a wide range of research on all aspects of... see more