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The 2nd Indian Cancer Congress (ICC) will be held from 08 - 12 November, 2017 at Bengaluru, India.This is the second... see more

Create, distribute, track, and monetize your stunning digital publications with the most innovative online tools around.... see more

Course material about a NN course with machine learning focus. The presentation has a clear overview of the fundamental... see more represents an excellent example of a "Global Open Access Initiative" working towards greater transparency... see more

The American Art Collaborative Linked Open Data Initiative will be linking 14+ American Art Museums using Linked Open... see more

AAB was established in 2002 It is the largest non-public higher education institution in Kosovo and in the region of... see more

This web page will provide you with an overview of different learning styles and how they impact instruction and online... see more

This website contains information on Constructivism and Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction,n and how to use them together... see more

This video captures one instructor's success story of integrating ICT literacy into her chemistry course classroom.

The overview of business research elements provides you with difinitions of essential key terms of research, types of... see more

This is a 7 minute lecture from, that covers accounts, debits, and credits. In order to access... see more

Electronics and Computers architecture aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge on the structure of... see more

  Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform that facilitates the process of developing electrical systems and... see more

Electronics and digitals circuits initiates students to microcontrollers and how to program them, it provides also... see more

Using a Model for Team Development by Katzenbach and Smith,  this PowerPoint presentation also adds how diversity affects... see more

Who were the first Americans, when did they arrive, and from where did they come? With limited evidence, scientists have... see more

Even with the waves lapping at their feet, few people consider ocean currents and their importance to global climate.... see more

Wetlands along the southern coastlines of the United States serve as natural blocks to approaching hurricanes, starving... see more

This video segment shows how scientists collaborate to collect and chemically analyze samples of molten lava as part of... see more

Farmers and rivers have a close, though not always friendly, relationship with one another. Rivers can create prized... see more

This video segment, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, discusses the extreme environments that caves present for living... see more

This video segment, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, provides an account of the 1995 avalanche that overran the fishing... see more