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This site will provide access to the results of our long-term project of creating an extensive collection of the Plan of... see more

A typical dialect of American English has about 15 distinctive vowel sounds. Here their symbols are linked to Sun-style... see more

'The Brainstormer is kindling for creative minds. A tactile tool to randomly combine a plot, a subject and a setting or... see more

""The Hanukkah House is a demonstration project integrating computers and Jewish learning in a play-like setting.""

The Center for Cultural Design presents this page on cornrow hairstyles and how they apply to the mathematical concepts... see more

A web quest activity for three or four students. Users are guided through the planning process for a trip to Grenoble.... see more

O aluno terá que identificar e contar as vogais e consoantes.


A multi-stage game in which you get clues, solve a logic puzzle, and are rewarded for your efforts with humorous answers... see more

This web form interconverts various representations of Yiddish text. You can input in YIVO transliteration, Microsoft... see more

ציר הזמן של אתר תולדוט ללימודי היסטוריה המותאמים לתוכניות הלימודים לחטיבת הביניים ולתיכון. בציר ניתן לראות אירועים... see more