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This self-paced animation allows the user to click through the models and explanations of Rutherford's Gold Foil... see more

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school... see more

This web site on chemistry education provides a collection of demonstrations and hands-on activities on a wide range of... see more

This series of videos, presented by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the University of... see more

This is an online activity where learners can virtually mix different colors of light or paint (you can switch between... see more

'The Rosetta spacecraft approaches Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Using its thrusters, Rosetta goes into orbit around... see more

In this thought-provoking activity, learners plan a hypothetical project to build and operate wind turbines in their... see more

In this quick SciGirls activity (page 1 of the PDF), learners will be introduced to the concept of thermal conductivity.... see more

In this quick activity (located on page 2 of the PDF), learners will see the effects of convection and understand what... see more

In this activity, learners explore the engineering behind the conveyor belt and consider the impact this invention has... see more

In this activity (on page 5 of PDF), learners use dry ice and household materials to make scientifically accurate models... see more

This is an activity (on page 2 of the PDF) about surface area to volume ratio. Learners will bake sugar cookies, testing... see more

One of the cases in the SimScience web-site devoted to areas of science where computer simulations are at the forefront... see more

This activity gives a visual representation of how we are able to observe many colors in a sunrise or sunset.

In this activity, learners will train to develop upper and lower body strength in their muscles and bones by performing... see more

This series of videos, presented by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the University of... see more

In this quick and easy activity and/or demonstration, learners use two empty 2-liter bottles and hot tap water to... see more

This activity about cryptographic techniques illustrates how to accomplish a simple, but nevertheless seemingly... see more

This simple activity uses paper and scissors to convey two key concepts to learners: the nanoscale is very small and... see more

Go to pg 47 to view this activity. In this chemistry activity, learners explore density by using four solids and 6... see more

This is the site to go to for information about Alvin, the deep submergence vehicle. Describes the history of Alvin, dive... see more

In this introductory demonstration and activity, learners are introduced to the concept of density as they explore a rock... see more

In this demonstration (18th on the page), learners conduct a simple test to explore how the cornea refracts light, which... see more

In this team design challenge (page 11-18 of PDF), learners design and build a Landing Pod for a model Lunar Rover... see more