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This Stand Alone Instructional Resource is designed to introduce learners to the idea of their Digital Footprint. ... see more

Visual aid describing the parts of an academic journal article.  

Help students navigate the library catalog. This tutorial is for students with Follett Destiny in their school media... see more

A basic introduction to Boolean Logic and its basic operators: AND, OR, and NOT, along with search term examples and... see more

Goal directed lesson plan to help students familiarize themselves with the library media center.

This is a 2 1/2 minute video that explains what Twitter is as well as how to communicate with people.

An explanation of when to use a database's simple search and when to use its advanced search.  (FLA file can be found at... see more

The Internet may be changing our brains, making it more difficult for us to concentrate and devote full attention to the... see more

Our class covers IT literacy. The "I" stands for information, but what do we mean by information? Information theorists... see more

We are covering three general types of Internet writing – conversational and collaborative writing and the writing of... see more

In this presentation, we'll see that Internet writing is important, we do a lot of it and the quality is good. We'll... see more

We will present an overview of the evolution of image processing from research labs to the mobile phone cameras we carry... see more

Using Wikipedia as an example, we will look at the four wiki operations, editing a page (including creating new pages,... see more

This presentation begins with a short video overview of wikis and a look at Wikipedia, the best known wiki. Next we... see more

This presentation explains what a blog is and covers permalinks, and labels or tags, which we apply to individual blog... see more

The presentation deals with the evolution of technology from vision to product, using the Web as an example. We cover the... see more

At this point I have , saved as a .png image, and the sound track saved as a .wav file.I use a video editing program... see more

Since Twitter posts or "tweets" are limited to 140 characters, we must learn to use commonly accepted abbreviations and... see more

The topic modules are stored as blog posts, so each has a unique URL (permalink) and tag terms for retrieval. The blog... see more

This presentation shows how to use Google Docs word processor create and share documents. It is an example of a networked... see more

This presentation is an overview of the operations and user interface of I would advise you to review this... see more

We will see how to subscribe to feeds and how to read them using Google Reader.

This presentation uses Blogger to illustrate wire-frame diagrams, profiles, gadgets (or as they are more commonly called... see more

This presentation is on URLs. URL sounds exotic – it stands for uniform resource locator – but it is just a geek term for... see more