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This is a free online calculator for investment decisions. This simulation helps to show possible results with: Initial... see more

An ILD to help demonstrate the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns using an experiment.

In this online lemonade stand game, you decide how to price each cup of lemonade and how many pitchers to make. You play... see more

MarketSim helps students understand the functioning of markets by having them become consumers and producers in a... see more

This is a set of lesson plans to explain the concept of money. Students evaluate a variety of substitutes for money and... see more

Students predict then calculate and graph profit-maximizing the price for an isolated, desert monopoly gas station.

This interactive calculator compares 15 year mortgage with a 30 year mortgage. Interest rates are input along with the... see more

This interactive calculator enables the user to determine how long it will take to break even on a mortgage refinance.... see more

This gross-to-net paycheck calculator helps determine the gross paycheck needed to provide a required net amount. First,... see more

This example is an in-class market simulation conducted with paper cards assigning each student a buyer or seller role... see more

This site has links to a variety of calculators that have to do with personal finances. These include Net Worth... see more

This calculator allows the user to easily change variables affecting a projects retirement saving total.

This applet lets the user compare their 401(k) funds in regards to return and investment risk. Example data only for... see more

Students survey class members to estimate the price elasticity of demand for a number of goods and services.

Ptplot is a plotting package that is based on the xgraph X11 Window System utility written by David Harrison. In addition... see more

Students improve their programming skills in a fast-moving software development environment with this task; progressing... see more

We are one of the best reactor simulation software provider in india. Our mission is to serve clients worldwide with the... see more

This site has a series of calculators designed for retirement planning. These include: 401(k) Savings Calculator, IRA... see more

Ricardian Explorer, implemented on the internet, simulates a Ricardian trade model with linear production technology and... see more

A classroom auction reveals reservation prices and a demand curve for an introductory economics course.

Applet to calculate Vanilla options values.

A comprehensive business simulation game allowing people to start, run and grow a company and learn about business.... see more

There are three calculators that are available here. With the Quick Calculator, one inputs his age and current income for... see more

This example engages students in a simple simulation of specialization and division of labor. All that is needed are... see more