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Using the method of a computer typing program meets flash-cards, this website lets you practice your skills and speed at... see more

The BBC has provided various distance-learning opportunities for listeners for decades, and this set of online materials... see more

In learning any language, a good way to hone your listening skills to range of common speakers is by watching movies in... see more

Act360 Media Ltd seeks to assist instructors as they transition from a more traditional classroom to a multimedia... see more

Many of the resources on this site will be valuable to English as a Second Language educators, students, and other... see more

This Model Eliciting Activity (MEA) asks students to develop a procedure to select a hurricane shutter company.

This lesson allows students to dig deeply into a popular, fun fiction story by Dr. Seuss to determine the central message... see more

Students will use a graphic organizer to practice the skill of making inferences with the help of a picture book by Chris... see more

The goal of this lesson is that students will be able to analyze and interpret two pastoral poems, “The Passionate... see more

"Taking Care of Business" is a Kindergarten level lesson plan that allows students to investigate the world of jobs. In... see more

Using the books Seven Blind Mice and Voices in the Park students will learn to identify the differences between points of... see more

This lesson uses the nonfiction texts Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Doreen Rappaport and... see more

In this lesson, students will listen to several versions of the same song. They will read a poem, and make an... see more

Students will compare/contrast various versions of the Cinderella story using think-pair-share, story element charting,... see more

In this lesson, students will analyze the artist's tone in the painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware, December... see more

In this lesson, students will determine the main ideas in two informational texts about the work and dreams of Abraham... see more

This lesson is part one of a 3-part unit. The goal of Lesson 1 is that students will be able to identify and explain the... see more

In this lesson, students will become familiar with the use of common adjectives for the purpose of describing someone or... see more

In this lesson, students will explore the concept that many words have multiple meaning. The students will be engaged in... see more

This lesson introduces students to an exciting, creative, and engaging way to understand story structure and story... see more

In this lesson, students will use the four core reading strategies of predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarizing... see more

In this lesson, students will identify the text features of non-fiction books and use several informational texts on... see more

Third grade students will be participate in a close reading of informational text about energy and how it's measured in... see more

In this lesson, students will be animal investigators on a mission to learn all about pigs and wolves. With prompting and... see more