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Sitio Donde Se presenta Una breve descripcion de 7 Superficies cuadricas, asi Como SUS fórmulas generales de Cada Una

Aqui Se le Presenta ONU Curso rapido con Palabras Claves Y fórmulas para los poligonis Regulares.

curso de funciones y su dominio

Material de Apoyo del Estudio de factorizació; el material Útil para favorecer el Aprendizaje 

Es Un material de de Apoyo para el estudio de los Sistemas de Ecuaciones lineales con dos incógnitas, ES material de la... see more

Curso de Trigonometría Centrado en el tema de Funciones trigonométricas.

Curso de eXeLearning diseñado para Probabilidad, en el tema de Variables aleatorias discretas.

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. This ebook makes learning "complex" numbers easy through an interactive, fun... see more

The U.S. Census Bureau Statistics in Schools program provides resourcs for teaching and learning with real life data. The... see more

Saylor Academy, one of the leaders in Open Education, offers educators, students, and families 100+ free open textbooks... see more

This site contains an applet that allows the user to create various sequences by inputting a starting number, a... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. This ebook makes learning "complex" numbers easy through an interactive, fun and... see more

From the University of Florida Department of Mathematics, this is the third volume in a three volume presentation of... see more

This is the second volume in a three volume presentation of calculus from a concepts perspective. The emphasis is on... see more

The MILAGE Learning+ is an application for mobile devices that has been developed at the University of Algarve, enabling... see more

This is the MATH 140 (Calculus for Life Scientists) Course materials taugth by Mohammed Kaabar at Washington State... see more

Parallel Spectral Numerical Methods starts by taking a quick look at finite precision arithmetic. It then discusses how... see more

The emphasis in this course is on problems—doing calculations and story problems. To master problem solving one needs a... see more

These are notes for a course in precalculus, as it is taught at New York City College of Technology - CUNY (where it is... see more

Table of Contents  Chapter 1: Relations and Functions Chapter 2: Linear and Quadratic Functions Chapter 3: Polynomial... see more

In many introductory level courses today, teachers are challenged with the task of fitting in all of the core concepts of... see more

Our goal with this textbook is to provide students with a strong foundation in mathematical analysis. Such a foundation... see more

The typical introductory real analysis text starts with an analysis of the real number system and uses this to develop... see more