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This e-text presents an introduction to the fundamentals of NMR covering magnetic resonance, pulsed NMR, relaxation,... see more

This site by GlobalFia provides a tutorial on the general aspects of flow injection analysis (FIA), sequential injection... see more

This site includes application notes on gas chromatography from 2000-2005 which have been presented at conferences. The... see more

This high quality video resource focuses on partition chromatography. The video presents an overview of basic separation... see more

This is a high quality video module demonstrating the basics of gas chromatography. Highlights include different GC... see more

This is a general interest website in electrochemistry, offering answers to many common questions. Sections include... see more

This PDF document includes a presentation on the basics of nanotechnology, its implications and impact, and some... see more

Chromatography (LC/GC) Online magazine is a very good source for relatively short articles about fundamental... see more

Reactions of organic compounds involving reactive intermediates are outlined in this resource.

Created by Hans Reich, professor of organic chemistry at the Uiversity of Wisconsin-Madison, this site contains a... see more

This convenient list provides structures of more than 160 common reagents used in organic chemistry that are often... see more

Hans Reich, professor of organic chemistry at the University of Wisconsin Madison, created this online handout on named... see more

The Department of Chemistry at Queen Mary University of London has provided an online version of this document from the... see more

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry documents describing the nomenclature of organic compounds.

This site from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry contains the nomenclature, description, and diagram... see more

This University of Birmingham (U.K.) website provides a wealth of resources for both the college educator and student... see more

This paper, which was previously published as part of an online biophysics textbook, provides detailed information about... see more

This site from the American Society for Mass Spectrometry includes information about what mass spectometry is and how it... see more

This site features a learning module focused on principles and practice of NMR for quantitative analysis, an application... see more

Created by the American Chemical Society (ACS), this website offers a set of lesson plans, multimedia demonstrations, and... see more

ChemMatters is an award winning magazine dedicated to demystifying everyday chemistry. The articles and hands on... see more

This site contains a brief description of the separation mechanism in size exclusion chromatography. The picture helps... see more

This web site begins with a simple quantum description of NMR and proceeds to introduce resonance absorption, relaxation,... see more

The Southwest Center for Microsystems Education is a Regional Advanced Technology Education Center funded in part by the... see more