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This is an annotated version of a paper published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (Uskul, A.K., &... see more

Open Knowledge Maps provides you with an outstanding open access search engine /schematic map interface covering all... see more



戦後日本社会における社会構造変革(これを、ここではイノベーシ... see more

Unpaywall is an open source and free plugin from Impactstory designed to get past subscription journal paywalls legally... see more

BASE is one of world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic web resources. BASE provides more than 110... see more

This interactive case study exposes students to an outbreak investigation that occurs after a number of people visit a... see more

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) launched a new... see more is where you will find data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications,... see more

PsyArXiv is a free, open access, preprint service for psychological sciences. PsyArXiv ultilizes the open source, Open... see more

LawArXiv is a free, open access, preprint service for Law whose mission is to empower the scholarly legal community and... see more

SocArXiv is a free, open access, preprint archive for social science research to help facillitate faster, more open... see more

The project was to prepare a hybrid version of FCS 380 Family and Consumer Sciences Foundations and Research. 

This e-portfolio represents a course redesign project completed as part of the CSU Course Redesign With Technology... see more

Interactive Google Map with overlay of sea level rise at different amounts.  Students can see what areas of US and world... see more

Teaching Culture in Development in Online, Hybrid & Face-to-Face Formats

FrameWorks designs, conducts, and publishes multi-method, multi-disciplinary communications research to empirically... see more

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In this eLearning project, we examined the effects of (1) materials and activities converted and created by the... see more

British site with many different statistics on a variety of topics. Tries to keep focus on peer reviewed studies and show... see more

Broad ranging site with many useful interactives.

The website includes four activities that help learners to better understand poverty and the federal poverty line.... see more