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This information explosion has got me thinking. When we want a particular piece of information, we have to search for... see more

Neural control of respiration (like neural control of many other physiological functions, micturition, for example) is... see more

Master of Surgery thesis by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal in JIPMER Pondicherry India, under guidance of Dr R. B. Mehta.  Shows some... see more

Dr Sanjoy Sanyal (then Associate Professor and Consultant Surgeon in Seychelles) presented this article in a Seychelles... see more

We teach lower-division United States history courses fulfilling the CSU’s American Institutions Requirement that every... see more

This is an e-portfolio presenting the redesing of four STEM courses at CSU Sacramento. We used learning assistants in the... see more

This web site presents the results of a course redesign of an introductory social science statistics course, using a... see more

These pictures were extracted from a series of four articles on surgical endoscopy, which were written by Dr Sanjoy... see more

A full-sized laparotomy pack mysteriously found its way inside the colo-rectum of a lady. Seen in Victoria Hospital,... see more

This website documents the process that I went through in adding supplemental instruction and screencast videos to my... see more

A Study of the Use of SI and an Early Intervention Test in second semester organic Chemistry

This is a demonstration of the structures in the human brain (formalinized specimen) constituting the Papez Circuit. The... see more

This is a demonstration of the structures in the human brain (formalinized specimen) constituting the Papez Circuit. The... see more

This ePortfolio showcases a promissing course redesign using blended or flipped instruction.

Gives an overview of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health records (EHR) / Patient Health records (PHR),... see more

In this project we redesigned the online Title 5 course to allow multiple sections to share online content, freeing... see more

Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, then Associate Professor, presented this at a seminar on 27 July2007 in Seychelles medical college. It... see more

First prize-winning presentation at Health Care Informatics Symposium poster competition in Royal College of Surgeons of... see more

This webiste describes the course redesign for a general education course in nutrition and wellness. This site provides... see more

Presented @ Middle East Conference in Health Care Informatics (MECHCI2005) in Dubai on 10th April 2005 by Dr Sanjoy... see more

Dr Sanjoy Sanyal wrote this article when he was doing his Masters in Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, University... see more

Using the resources of (Social Homework), I redesign our freshman mechanics course.  This is a... see more

This project sought to strengthen the achievement of students enrolled in high-impact mathematics courses.  While SI... see more