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The following resources will be used throughout the Introduction to Theater course and will support class discussions as... see more

Hello, Kemuel Pierre-Louis is a Director currently building a production company in Miami Beach. He is requesting... see more

Production of Educational Videos is an introduction to technical communication that is situated in the production of... see more

The course explores the interactions between state and market as instigators of China's urbanization, and its... see more

For the first time in history, the global demand for freshwater is overtaking its supply in many parts of the world. The... see more

Urban governance comprises the various forces, institutions, and movements that guide economic and physical development,... see more

This course will examine literature and practice regarding community-owned enterprise as an alternative means of... see more

This course focuses on the land use-transportation "interaction space" in metropolitan settings. The course aims to... see more

The studio will focus on the district of Gaoming, located in the northwest of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) - the fastest... see more

This practicum focuses on applying the principles of sustainability to improve the quality of life and activity along the... see more

This class is intended to introduce students to understandings of the city generated from both social science literature... see more

This course's aims are two-fold: to offer students the theoretical and practical tools to understand how and why cities... see more

This course is being offered in conjunction with the colloquium The Politics of Reconstructing Iraq, which is sponsored... see more

The course examines the causes and effects of rapid urbanization in developing countries. Using case studies from the... see more

This course explores the application of environmental and economic development planning, policy and management approaches... see more

This course provides an introduction to the issues of immigrants, planning, and race. It identifies the complexities and... see more

The course draws on faculty members from the Center for Real Estate, the City Design and Development Group (Department of... see more