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In this course, students will learn basic linear algebra necessary to understand the operations regarding derivatives of... see more

NationMaster is a huge database of statistics comparing the different countries of the world. The interactive format... see more

This workshop provides an introduction to urban environmental design and explores the potential of information technology... see more

This JavaScript solves up to ten by ten systems of linear equations. It also allows the user to find the inverse of a... see more

This book is from the Open Textbook Library 'With ‚ÄúSustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation‚ÄĚ, first and second-year... see more

This video was recorded at MIT Industrial Liaison Program. Corporate Access to MIT Innovation is your lifeblood. Your... see more

This simulation tutorial from the eLearning Developer's Journal includes full source code. It teaches you step-by-step... see more

University Library of Regensburg offers the "Electronic Journals Library," which contains over 25,000 titles, of which... see more

It is a JavaScript that provides the necessary tools for the ABC inventory classification method.

This is a brief timeline of key economic events that had global impact from 1911 to the current day. One can click on a... see more

AJOL offers a free document delivery service for developing countries. There is a document delivery fee for requestors... see more

Elasticity has a quantitative meaning, a specific way of measuring responsiveness. Read the lecture and try to answer the... see more

Popline is the world's largest bibliographic database on population, family planning, and related health. Citations also... see more

Query database selections here: World Development Indicators (WDI) is the World... see more

Academic Earth offers free in-depth Online classes and courses from the world's leading scholars to encourage... see more

This course covers major theorists and theoretical schools since the late 19th century. Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Bourdieu,... see more

This Javascript calculates the break-even point where total revenue equals total costs.

This Web site is a course in statistics appreciation; i.e., acquiring a feeling for the statistical way of thinking.

Teaching and research resources in the areas of Decision Science, Simulation, and Statistics.

This narrated lecture is part of a series of resources that encompass Flash with a lecture for a Microeconomics course.... see more

Inventory control is concerned with minimizing the total cost of keeping goods in stock. This JavaScript compute the... see more

This is a full text recreation of an 1879 newspaper interview with Karl Marx.

This video was recorded at YALE PSYC 123 The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food with Professor Kelly D. Brownell.... see more

A JavaScript-based process that determines the decision maker's utility function.