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This lesson is based on a short article which offers a classroom strategy to help students resolve the common confusion... see more

SFS promotes an interdisciplinary, experiential approach to education, matching college students with conservation... see more

The Grand Time Game is a collection of activities that teach students about geologic time. The game elements consist of a... see more

MBARI offers summer professional development opportunities for teachers, graduate students and undergraduates.... see more

An effective undergraduate mineralogy course provides students with a familiarity and understanding of minerals that is... see more

The Coastal & Marine Institute studies environmental processes, advises on the management of natural resources, and... see more

Located in Monterey, California, NPS is an academic institution whose emphasis is on the study and research programs... see more

This digital library provides access to data, documents and images from 822 expeditions by the Scripps Institution of... see more

This resource collection provides information on how to incorporate crystal structure databases and 3-D visualization... see more

This site is a collection of interactive, inquiry-based learning exercises for variety of science topics. Activities are... see more

This portal provides access to information on ways to bring modern research results into undergraduate courses. Each... see more

This guide instructs teachers in classroom use of the MELTS software package. MELTS is a software package designed to... see more

This site provides information on: ocean science career opportunities, the knowledge and skills required to enter these... see more

The American Elasmobranch Society is a scientific society that advances the study of living and fossil sharks, skates,... see more

Advice on how scientists, and students, should approach preparing professional conference and science fair posters.... see more

Located in Washington, D.C., the NRL is the corporate research laboratory for the Navy and Marine Corps and conducts a... see more

This radio broadcast features an interview with Don Kroodsma, who is recognized as the leading expert in bird songs and... see more

This free, interactive and independent website has been conceived and designed by working marine mammal professionals to... see more

This is the website for Discover magazine. Users may access all the latest scientific news and research. The site is... see more

The Yellowstone collection contains an assortment of digital resources relevant to the geology, geophysics, physiography,... see more

This collection of links to lessons, tools and tips is intended for teachers who want to use Google Earth in the... see more

North Carolina facility conducts coastal research and regional monitoring projects. Take a virtual tour of the facility... see more

This academic paper identifies three main factors that cause individuals with disabilities to be under-represented in... see more

Explore this virtual museum exhibit on Arctic cultures from the Smithsonian Institution. Lessons for every discipline... see more